Released in 1987, the D-50 was Roland's response to the wave of the Yamaha DX7. The first fully digital synthesizer signed Roland, it would mark the generations of musicians through the originality of its LA synthesis.
Today comes out an original and current sound bank at the same time. This bank uses the functionality of the D-50 in what it can do best, the layers and the textures. A special effort has also been made in the dosage of effects in order to give it a modern appearance.
64 new patches to make you planner and create unique and fascinating atmospheres. 


Compatible with D50, D550, D05, Roland Cloud 

Patch list : 

All files are in sysex format. You can use any MIDI / Sysex player to send the file to your synthesizer. I recommend however the excellent and simple Sysex Librarian on Mac or Midiox on PC.