Xtrem Pads is a specific bank containing only analog typed pads, PPG type digital textures, soft pads ... 

In total, 99 presets fit perfectly into your mix and your compositions because they are musically efficient. To summarize, 99 totally magical presets. 

Leads & Basses is an amazing bank of 99 presets only composed of bass and lead sounds. 

In most cases, the leads are in split mode, so we have a pad sound on the left side of the keyboard. One way to optimize the bank and to have in the end between 160 and 170 sounds !!! 

The last presets are composed of known sequences playable on the left hand and their respective lead sounds. 

A bank dedicated to analog and cinematic type effects, but also in sounds of drone or industrial environments. A lots of pads with arpegiator are also included. 

Perfect for illustrating images or videos. 

99 presets 

All files are in sysex format. You can use any MIDI / Sysex player to send the file to your synthesizer. I recommend however the excellent and simple Sysex Librarian on Mac or Midiox on PC.